Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Floral Print Vintage & Retro Dresses for Sale at PinupDresses.com

My new husband just clipped a gerber daisy and a rose for me! Aww! He's the best! :)

In honor of his tender care in gardening... and not weeding me out! ~ FLORAL dresses are the theme of the day!

No need for a vase or even watering, these beauties are sure to make your Spring delightful! All are available currently at PinupDresses.com

TOPSHOP Puff Slv FLORAL 40s Retro PINUP Ruffle Dress S

Vintage 80s 50s LAURA ASHLEY Floral FULL SKIRT Dress S

Vintage 80s 50s LAURA ASHLEY Floral FULL SKIRT Dress L

Vintage 80s Diane FREIS Floral SILK Puff BOHO Dress M L

Vintage 80s Floral BUBBLE Black Glam PROM Party Dress S

Vintage 80s 50s YELLOW Rockabilly Pinup SARONG Dress M

Vintage 70s BOHO Empire HIPPIE Bridal MAXI Dress XS S

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Friday, May 14, 2010

1980s Prom Dresses for Sale at PinupDresses.com

When I first started selling vintage clothing online I was always on the lookout for fun 40s/50s and retro frocks. That's what I love to wear and swing dance in. I find a specialness in the detailing and craftsmanship of these pieces.

As time went on I saw more of an interest growing in what I thought was my supplemental source of vintage, more recent 1980s pieces. Whatever I found over the top with ruffles, big bows, wild metallics and exaggeration, my customers were drawn to. It has become a passion, at first unrealized. But now as PinupDresses carries one of the largest collections of 1980s prom dresses on Ebay, it's certain.

Here's our latest, available now at PinupDresses http://stores.ebay.com/Pinup-Dresses

Long Gold

Blue Metallic

Ruffle Color

Gold Black L/XL

Purple Metallic

Gold Tier Lace

Purple Black Print Tier

Gold Bow

Red Bows

Gold Full

Teal Lace

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